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10 #MyTupelo Photos We Loved in March


1. @anmorris01 (Amanda Morris)

brett young singing on stage

Amanda did an excellent job capturing Brett Young as he came through Tupelo on the American Made Tour!

2. @danzerman (Ladanza Quinn)

line of motocycles

Ladanza took full advantage of March bringing in some springtime weather with a cruise along The Natchez Trace Parkway.

3. @eating_out_with_jeff_jones (Jeff Jones)

burger with coleslaw and beans

In case anyone was wondering, yes, Jeff Jones enjoyed the Tupelo BBQ Double Duel.

4. @CapturedbyBjorn (Bjorn Hermansen)

child with earmuffs at dirty truck rally

This is the kind of smile you get when you bring your son to Monster Jam at the Bancorp South Arena!

5. @krspaxton (Kristi Paxton)

woman doing yoga on boga fit mat in pool

Here we have Kristi over at the Tupelo Aquatic Center showing off her skills on the new Boga Fit board. Want to learn how to do that? She’d be happy to teach you in one of her classes!

6. @db_garrett (Dave Garrett)

green vintage car

We love the contrast between the monochrome background and the car at the Elvis Presley Birthplace.

7. @luckystudio13 (John Wee)

john wee with actors

Indie cinematographer John Wee is in town shooting a television pilot for a new TV series. Here he is capturing a few of his actors, Trinity Maye (left), Josh Sussman (center), and Laura Mason (right) after a long day of shooting.

8. @ayakaya0408 (Aya Omura)

partly cloudy and grassy fields

Aya knows March means green is back!

9. @uneasyrider_88 (Jake Lyle)

vintage chevy truck on dirt road

With his old Chevy pickup, Jake is able to take us back in time.

10. @idiomingo (Theia Mingo)

man kayaking with dog

We love this photo taken at Trace State Park of a man and his best friend enjoying some springtime outdoor fun.