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10 #MyTupelo Photos We Loved in May


1. @_sig_ (Jorge Sigala)

musician holding peace sign at concert

Taken at Tupelo’s SremmFest in December, hosted by hometown hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd, Jorge captures Tupelo-born and world-famous producer/musician Diplo in this shot. We dig it.

2. @downtowntupelo

youth singing in downtown square

We loved this shot of a youth performance downtown during the Tupelo GumTree Arts Festival!

3. @melnickvecchio (Melissa Vecchio)

toddler next to statue of thirteen year old elvis

“Based on this photo, I believe my daughter is already an Elvis fan like me!”- Melissa


mens gold wave baseball team holding championship trophy

Our Tupelo Golden Wave baseball team took home the state championship last month and we couldn’t be more proud! Of course they’re one of our photos of the month.

5. @unitedfitnesstupelo womens gold wave baseball team holding championship trophy

Speaking of championships, our fast pitch softball Lady Wave ALSO WON the 6A state championship last month. Yes, we are bragging on our hometown teams. No, we do not care.

6. @bradenwray (Braden Wray)

baby on top of car

This is Sophia attending her very first Blue Suede Cruise and apparently enjoying the American muscle car section.

7. @ayakaya0408 (Aya Omura)

buffalo roaming in park

Taken out at the Tupelo Buffalo Park & Zoo, Aya got up close and personal with some buffalo.

8. @bobtank (Bob Tankersly)

connies chicken sign

Fun fact: This photo evokes a much more emotional response if you’ve ever had a Connie’s Blueberry Donut or one of their chicken biscuits with gravy.

9. @BirdsEyeMedia_ (A.J. Stewart)

baby holding paper fan with tupelo logo

We’re not sure if May was “Bring Your Baby To Tupelo Month” or what, regardless, we loved this shot from Bird’s Eye Media of a baby cooling off with a Tupelo fan during the GumTree Arts Festival.

10. @1cookingchick (Lauren McElwain)

woman eating grilled pineapple barbecue

This is called the Maui Wowie. You can find it at the Local Mobile food truck. You are welcome and thanks to @1cookingchick for the great shot!

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