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Answering Any and All Questions About the Elvis Festival Pet Parade


Between the Tupelo Elvis Festival Tribute Artist competition and the concerts going on downtown, it’s easy to forget about the Elvis Festival Pet Parade that takes place every Saturday morning at the Bancorp South Arena.

The Pet Parade, which begins at 9 a.m. on Saturday, June 3rd, benefits the Tupelo-Lee Humane Society and gives out cash prizes for winners in categories like “Elvis Look-a-Like,” “Best Costume,” “Most Unusual,” and “Pet-Owner Look-a-Like.” To help you get in the know about this upcoming Pet Parade, we’re going to answer some questions you may or may not have.

What exactly is the Pet Parade?

dog dressed as elvis

Pretty much exactly what it sounds like. You dress up your pets (and even yourself!) and show them in front of a very happy and pet friendly audience for the chance to win prizes and benefit the local humane society. The entry fee is $10 per pet if you pre-register and $15 the day of.

What should I dress up my pet as?

dog dressed up as rebel sports fan

Anything you’d like to dress it up as, really. You can see above that this dog just felt like being an Ole Miss Rebel for the day.

Should I dress my pet up like Elvis?

dog dressed as elvis

While it’s encouraged and there is a category for best Elvis look-a-like, you don’t have to, unless perhaps you have a hound dog.

Can kids participate too?child and woman with dog dressed as swing dancer

You bet they can!

How tough is the competition?child and dog dressed as elvis with swing dancing woman

While there is some money on the table, this is probably the friendliest competition you’ll ever compete in. It’s all about the animals and having fun. Make no mistake, though, people still bring their A-game.

I’m starting to notice it’s almost all dogs. Is this competition just for dogs?man with a parot on shoulder

(See above photo.) Most of the competition is dogs, we’ll admit, but that definitely doesn’t mean you have to have a dog.

Can I use props?dog dressed as elvis in a paper cadillac

Props are definitely welcome. This dog didn’t even have to walk in the parade, opting instead for a skateboard-Cadillac.

Random question, what if I just want to dress my pet up as a plant? dog dressed as a plant

That really is a random question, but sure, do your thing.

What if my dog is super tiny, like, still a puppy?child dressed as elvis holding small dog

Bring on the cuteness. child holding and walking dog  More cuteness also welcome.

Do I get a trophy if I win?woman holding a dog and trophy

You sure do! (A big one, at that.)

What should I wear?woman with beehive hair holding dog and trophy

If you’re trying to win the look-a-like category like this woman above did, then try to look like your pet as much as possible. If not, then dressing up like Elvis is always encouraged.

We hope that answers all your questions, some of which were really off-the-wall, we might add. For more info check out tupeloelvisfestival.com!