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The Definitive 8 Best #MannequinChallenge Attempts, and Their Tie to Tupelo



The #MannequinChallenge

If you’ve been on the internet at any point in the last couple weeks, and we’re guessing you have, you’ve probably seen at least one example of the #MannequinChallenge pop up on your Facebook or Twitter feed.

For those of you that haven’t seen the #MannequinChallenge, or still aren’t quite sure what it is, we’re here to help break it down for you and show you the best examples of it.


What it is.

The #MannequinChallenge is pretty simple, actually. It involves a group of people, your team, your class, your co-workers, (although we’ll get to one exception later) who all do their very best to stay as still as possible in a creative position while someone walks around whatever space the group is in recording a video. If everything goes according to plan and your friend Dave doesn’t need to sneeze halfway through (we told you to take an allergy pill, Dave), then the finished product will be a video that looks like everyone in the room is a perfectly frozen, department store-ready mannequin.

Simple, right?


How it’s tied into Tupelo.

If you watch more than a few of these videos you’ll notice a recurring theme, the song. That’s right, the song that plays throughout the video while “mannequins” do their best to hold it all together is by Tupelo, Mississippi, natives Rae Sremmurd. The song that’s playing in the background is their recent #1 smash hit “Black Beatles.”

This is the perfect segue into the beginning of our definitive best-of list, let’s start with the hometown boys themselves.

8. Rae Sremmurd

Rae Sremmurd would be on this list even if they weren’t from Tupelo. Getting an entire crowd to stand still at one of their incredibly lively shows is a feat in itself. Good job, Sremm.

7. Paul McCartney

*Warning: this video does have language*

Remember when we told you that the #MannequinChallenge requires a GROUP of people? Here’s the exception. The original Beatle gave a nod to Rae Sremmurd by doing a challenge of his own, on his own. Paul McCartney can do what he wants.

6. The Cleveland Cavaliers, First Lady Michelle Obama

While this example of the challenge doesn’t have Black Beatles in the background, we can understand the first lady and the Cavs wanting something a little more, ahem, presidential. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that EVERYONE isn’t doing this, because they are.

5. This DOG

Remember when we said there would only be one exception? Here’s an exception to that exception. I mean, we don’t even have that much focus, and we’re people.

4. These swimmers

It’s one thing to stay still for a few seconds. It’s another thing to stay completely still while under water and not breathing. Props to these ladies for doing both.

3. The Dallas Cowboys

This is a good one. Former Mississippi State QB Dak Prescott makes an appearance, and it can’t be easy to stay suspended in a luggage compartment like that.

We’ll be honest, though. The real reason we put the Cowboys in here is so we could also show you one of the worst attempts at the #mannequinchallenge, brought to you by Jerry Jones and company. Please enjoy.

We know, it’s really bad. There’s a whole lot of shaking and squirming going on, people can’t seem to hold their pizza still, and we really can’t tell if Jerry is attempting to not move or eat the pizza in slow motion. In their defense, it does seem like the plane is mid-flight while they filmed it, so we’ll at least give them that.

2. The Late Late Show with James Corden

There’s a reason why most of these videos are short, it’s really really hard to keep it together for more than 30 seconds. James Corden not only gives you a full three minutes of the challenge, but he also gives you a complete tour of his studio at the same time.

1. Zach King

Zach King makes Vines, he also makes our brains hurt. Just… how? HOW DID THEY DO THAT?


So that’s it, the eight best #mannequinchallenge examples we could find. Think you know of one that’s better or might even have made a better one yourself? Tag us on Twitter at @MyTupelo or on our Facebook page to let us know.

Want to see Rae Sremmurd in concert and possibly participate in a #MannequinChallenge with them yourself? They’re hosting SremmFest in Tupelo with friends Diplo, Young Dolph, and Big K.R.I.T. on December 23 at the BancorpSouth Arena!