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Tupelo offers an abundance of attractions and events at low prices and high value.

People want several things from a great vacation – picturesque settings, interesting attractions, great food and the “iconic” moments that we can take with us through the years.  Moving up quickly on that list is affordability!  Tough economic times make it even more important for families to take a respite from the stress of everyday life.  But tough times and rising gas prices may also make it more difficult to justify the expense of a vacation for the family.  That is where Tupelo fits in – offering rest, relaxation and a good time without added financial stress.  Here are a few ideas where you can bond with the family without needing a financial bail-out once the fun is done.  Choose one itinerary and have a great day in Tupelo or choose a couple and make it a fun getaway!

Averages are figured using a family of four.  Many attractions have pricing options and should be contacted for exact pricing.  Attraction hours vary seasonally and some attractions have limited hours on Saturday and Sunday.  Please check with each attraction you are interested in visiting to make sure they will be open on the day or days you choose to be in Tupelo.

Itinerary suggestions can be found here!