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For more information on Elvis' Tupelo, visit www.welovetupelo.com

Elvis in Tupelo

You can't really "know" Elvis until you understand where he came from!  Born in Tupelo on January 8, 1935, Elvis spent his first 13 years in Tupelo.  Here, he learned to play guitar and was set on fire by the music in his church, from the clubs in Shake Rag and from the country music of Nashville that wafted through his radio.  It was in Tupelo that Elvis spent the most formative years of his life.  Although some say that Tupelo is Elvis, we like to think that Elvis is Tupelo.

Discover Elvis in Tupelo at these places:

Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum where you will find features such as:
  •     "Elvis at 13" statue
  •     Fountain of Life
  •     Walk of Life
  •     Elvis' childhood church
  •     "Westward bound" car exhibit
  •     Story Wall
  •     Elvis Presley Memorial Chapel

Elvis Driving Tour that takes you to the site of 10 significant points of interest in Elvis' early years.

Elvis Statue based on a famous photograph taken by Roger Marshutz.

Elvis Exhibit at the Tupelo Automobile Museum including a car that Elvis gave away and 33 original Elvis movie posters.

Elvis Presley Festival
 each June when Tupelo celebrates the legacy of Elvis Presley.

Tupelo Hardware where Elvis' mother bought him his first guitar.

 BOOK your stay in Tupelo today and learn about Elvis' early life!