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Top 10 #MyTupelo Photos We Loved in February!


Ah, February. Love was in the air, and photos were taken all across Tupelo. Naturally, we loved a lot of them. To celebrate those awesome shots, here are 10 photos we loved taken by you fine people last month! (In no particular order, as always.)

1. Reflections at Lee County Courthouse. Photo by @lg_photos79.

reflection of lee county courthouse

2. LUTHI lights up the Blue Canoe stage on February 4th. Photo by Sean Kaufman, @seankaufman244.

luthi band playing in blue canoe pub

3. Birthday blessings at Mt. Fuji! Photo by Kaitlyn McKenzie Wilson, @kaitlynmcwilson.

women with birthday desert and firework candle

4. Reflections at Tombigbee State Park. Photo by Deyan Pantovich, @pantovichd.

tombigbee state park lakeside

5. The butcher’s counter at Neon Pig! Photo by D’mytrek Brown, @dbrownfoodstyle.

neon pig deli

6. If you’re downtown, chances are you’ll find Voz Vanelli and company. Photo by Anthony Teague, @anthony_teague.

voz vanelli with two women

7. Just look at this monster “Nashed Up Hot Chicken Cutlet Sandwich” from the Blue Canoe! Photo by Adam Morgan, @bluewaterwagon.

large chicken cutlet sandwhich

8. Zebras! We’ve got ’em, you pet ’em. Photo by Bryn Mahan, @brynkerrigan.

zebras eating grass in field

9. Some people are super photogenic, but it’s hard to be as photogenic (and delicious) as the spread over at Anthony’s Pizza is! Photo by Jeff Jones, @jeffjones4u.

pasta and desert at anthonys pizza

10. Feast your eyes on 18 ounces of what the Thirsty Devil calls “The Best D*** Pork Chop You’ve Ever Had.” Photo by Seth Renick, @the_thirsty_devil.

pork chops and thirsty devil

And there you have it! Ten photos we loved from last month. Want to be featured in one of these lists in the months to come? Use the hashtag #MyTupelo on your photos so we can see them and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!