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Where to Find Your Coffee Fix in Tupelo


Joe. Java. Jitter Juice. Rocket Fuel. Cafe’. Brew. Whatever you want to call it, coffee is a step in the morning routine for many and a small obsession for others. Tupelo has plenty of options to get your caffeine fix, with more on the way. We’ve had a few cups ourselves today, so we figured we’d list them now that we have all this energy!

Butterbean (coming soon)

Butterbean, Forklift’s sister biscuit and coffee shop located in the same building as Forklift, will feature locally sourced roasted coffee, fresh homemade biscuits,  pastries, and local artwork on the walls. Butterbean is hoping to be open within the next two months.

Cafe 212
Cafe 212, located at 212 West Main Street in downtown Tupelo, will get you feeling right in the a.m. with any of their specialty coffees (and they make a mean sandwich if you happen to find yourself sipping coffee well into lunchtime).


Also found in downtown Tupelo, Crave is known for their delicious coffees and signature desserts. Skillet cookie + coffee = happiness.

The Main Attraction

The Main Attraction, located directly next door to Cafe 212, is part emporium of hip and trendy clothes and part drip-coffee shop. We’re told it was even Tupelo’s first coffee bar. Come for the eclectic shopping experience, stay for a cup of fine coffee.

Spring Street Cigars

Stay with us here, as this one might not be for everybody, depending on whether or not you enjoy the aroma of a fine boutique cigar while you sip your coffee. Spring St. Cigars, however, feels that nothing goes better with a cigar than an awesome cup of coffee. They’ll brew some in house for you to enjoy, usually fine coffee from Honduras or Nicaragua, or let you purchase coffee beans to take home and brew yourself.


We get it, some people know what they like and like what they know, and when it comes to coffee Starbucks is probably the most well-known in the world. Tupelo has two Starbucks locations in town, one at 2433 West Main Street and the other at 3360 North Gloster Street.

Strangebrew (coming soon)

coffee cup outside of future strange brew location

Photo taken by The Daily Journal.

Strangebrew will be gracing Tupelo with its presence in the coming months (we’re not sure when exactly the opening date will be, but it should be soon)! Strangebrew began in Starkville over a decade ago brewing up delicious coffee for many a bulldog student and fan alike, and Tupelo can’t wait for it to open on North Gloster!