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7 tips for having fun and staying healthy in #MyTupelo


As we all fight against the spread of COVID-19 through social distancing and other precautionary measures, keep in mind that there are still ways to have fun and stay healthy in #MyTupelo. Check out our top seven ways to make the most of this time:

  1. Support local restaurants. You can do this simply by ordering take-out. If you are able, tip generously to help front-line hospitality staff who are going to be hit hard.

    Photo courtesy of Butterbean Tupelo.
  2. Purchase gift certificates. It’s a great way to support local restaurants and retail shops. It will inject a little cash flow during this uncertain time and you will have an excuse to shop in your favorite stores later. If local businesses have online shopping available, take advantage of that too!

    Photo courtesy of My Tupelo.
  3. Get outside! Take a drive down the Natchez Trace Parkway, see Elvis’ Tupelo Driving Trail, or utilize one of Tupelo’s walking trails to enjoy the outdoors.

    Photo courtesy of Rheonna Wiuff.
  4. Share a picture to lift your spirits. Take a selfie or snap a picture at one of Tupelo’s colorful murals. You can always stay in your car or wait until others clear out to maintain your distance.

    Photo courtesy of Jennie Andrews.
  5. Take care of you! Be sure to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Eat well, stay hydrated, exercise in your home or outdoors, and limit your stress levels.

    Photo courtesy of Native Son Farm.
  6. Stay informed. Keep yourself up to date about the latest information from the CDC as well as national, state, and local authorities to keep you and your family healthy. Also, keep up with our closure page to see what businesses are continuing to operate and those that aren’t.

    Photo courtesy of John Fulwiler
  7. Be kind. Show kindness to those around you, and if you’re able, lend a hand to those in need by offering to deliver groceries, prescriptions, or assist as needed.

    Photo courtesy of Ashley M. Stahl.

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