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Tupelo is experienced working with film crews across the world. Let us help you make your film project picture perfect.


The Tupelo Film Commission supports production requests, assists with location scouting, works as a liaison between Production Company and municipality, and understands the cost-effective and time efficient concerns of a production.

The Tupelo Film Commission works with the MS Film Office and is a member of the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI).

Tupelo, located in the hills of Northeast Mississippi with easy access from Memphis, Nashville, Birmingham and Jackson, has great accommodations, restaurants and resources to support film productions along with very unique venues that are available for production space and filming on jets.

Mississippi is a permit-free state and has one of the best incentive programs in the country. Production companies with a budget of over $50,000 are eligible for the Mississippi Motion Picture Incentive Program which provides a cash rebate from 25-35%.

Please contact Stephanie Coomer, Deputy Director, at scoomer@tupelo.net or 662-841-6521 to help you with your film requests.

“Pat Rasberry with the Tupelo Film Commission was very welcoming.  She treated us like an old friend returning to town and offered professional assistance to help with our project.”

—Darren Eichhorn, Wild Transport

“Although we came to town to work on a short documentary highlighting a small business in Tupelo, we received attention equal to that of a big budget film. Pat Rasberry arranged for our accommodation at a very comfortable hotel within our working budget. She took the time to welcome us to the Tupelo community, hosted us for dinner, networked us with visiting filmmakers and introduced us to a variety of local subjects for future documentary films. We will be back in Tupelo next year to continue highlighting the creative economy because of the support we received from the Tupelo Film Office.”

—Chandler Griffin & Alison Fast, Blue Magnolia Films

“I’ve filmed both a short film and full length feature in Tupelo and both times found the experience very positive. The Film Commission as well as the community is extraordinarily helpful and enthusiastic. I had access to goods and services in the area that are normally very difficult and expensive to secure. With the assistance of the Film Commission and area public officials, I was able to obtain these goods and services at low cost (some free), allowing me to complete my films both on time and on budget.”

—Kathilynn Phillips (kat) JD, President, kat scratch films, LLC

“I recently produced a film shooting in Tupelo and must say, the Tupelo Film Commission was incredible. The film specific support from Tupelo Film Commissioner Pat Rasberry was second to none, offering practical support as well as useful contacts and introductions. The Commission pulled together a municipality team that made our production run smoothly, with the results of our project a success. I hope to be able to take another project to Tupelo as it was a friendly and professional place to work...and of course the Southern hospitality was fantastic too!”

—Ken Petrie, 27 Ten Productions

“In July 2014 I was filming a documentary for the BBC about the young Elvis Presley, and I was very keen to film at his birthplace in Tupelo and at his first church.  The experience was made very easy for me by the Film Commission – they suggested additional locations and even arranged interviewees.  When trying to organise a shoot thousands of miles away, one often doesn’t know what to expect when you finally arrive to film, but it was all even better than I hoped.  They even laid on good weather....”

—Jonathan, Lofthouse Enterprises

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a permit to film?
The State of Mississippi requires no permits or fees for filming. Some productions may be required to obtain a Certificate of Authority from the Secretary of State’s office. There are certain guidelines and clearances for filming on historical sites and properties and in all historical districts. The Mississippi Film Office will advise. However, please contact the Tupelo Film Commissioner before filming in Tupelo so that we can register your project and make all efforts to properly support your production. Contact Pat Rasberry at (662) 841-6521 or (662) 871-7723.
Do you have tax incentives ?
Yes. Go to www.filmmississippi.org for the complete details.
Do you have crew in the area?
Yes. The Mississippi Crew and Resource Directory allows producers and potential clients to easily locate local film, television, and media industry professionals and support services. Each listing type can list credits chronologically in multiple categories, include IMDB links, website links, and even upload resumes and product brochures. The Mississippi Film Office in Jackson provides this listing service to our community of crew and support services companies. Click here for more information: ms.reel-scout.com/crew_login.aspx
Can you or do you have someone that can help with location scouting?
Yes. The Tupelo Film Commission is qualified and experienced to help you with your scouting requests.
What does the average temperature in your area run throughout the year?
Average Highs: January – April – 50-74 May – August – 81-90 September – December – 85-54 Average Lows: January – April – 30-48 May – August – 58-68 September – December – 62-33 Note: there have been exceptions where the summer months have temps exceeding 100 and the winter month temps have fallen below freezing. Rainfall is heaviest January through May and November through December
Are you a right-to-work state?
Yes. Mississippi is a right-to-work state, in which workers may not be denied employment based on their membership or lack of membership in a union. In practice, this means that most recent productions in our state have combined union and non-union personnel.
Does a production company have to provide insurance?
Yes. We require filmmakers working on city, county, or state property (including roads and highways) to list that entity as additionally insured on the production’s Certificate of Insurance. We will also advise private property owners to obtain this coverage from productions as a standard part of their location agreements. Location agreements and appropriate insurance paperwork for both public and private properties should be executed prior to the filming of each location. A copy of the company’s standard location agreement and the insurance certificate must be on file with the Tupelo Film Office and Mississippi Film Office.