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Ruffin’ It: These 2 Bulldogs Had the Best Day in Tupelo


Tupelo may be a small town in Northeast Mississippi compared to the likes of New York or Los Angeles, but we see all kinds of visitors from all over the world just the same.

It’s not uncommon on any given day to run into a Japanese tourist inside Tupelo Hardware Co., a group of British fans paying their respects at the Elvis Presley Birthplace, or an Australian visitor chowing down on a Smash Burger at the Neon Pig.

Tupelo is for everyone to enjoy, so it should come as no surprise that even a pair of bulldogs can have a great day touring the city too!

We’d like to introduce you to Mabel (pictured left, below) and Hewitt (right) from @bullyadventures on Instagram. They had the best day in Tupelo with their human, Jamie, recently. They’re also extremely photogenic.

They stopped for a pic at one of Tupelo’s many guitar art installations.

They had to stop at the Elvis Presley Birthplace and pose in front of the historic marker!

Here’s a pic of Mabel and “Hewie” by the Elvis at 13 statue. Mabel is all smiles.

It’s well documented that dogs love laying out on a front porch, so Hewitt wasn’t going to let the opportunity to lay on Elvis’ porch pass him by!

Hewitt and Mabel made their way up the hill to the Becoming Statue as well to enjoy the wonderful view of town.

Gotta get a pic in front of the waterfall!

Mabel had to take a moment to reflect on the visit, so far.

They made a quick coffee stop at Crave, surely enjoying the smell of skillet cookies and some rest.

Mabel and Hewitt found some very big dogs out at the Tupelo Buffalo Park & Zoo!

They made it to a nice, bulldog friendly hotel to spend the evening and get ready for their next adventure!

Mabel and Hewitt continued on their adventure up to Memphis to visit Graceland, and their travels have taken them all over the rest of the country since then. Want to keep up with these bulldog buddies? Give them a follow over on @bullyadventures!

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