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Ten #MyTupelo Photos We Loved in September


1. @twicker 77

What’s better than one dad grilling? THREE DADS GRILLING.


2. @kermitsoutlawkitchen

Look at how beautiful that Butcher Burger is. That’s a work of art. Someone hang this photo in a museum, please. Drop by Kermit’s Outlaw Kitchen to try one for yourself, if you can manage to snap a picture of it before biting into one, tag us at @MyTupelo.


3. @downtowntupelo

There’s a temporary photo gallery that spans the walls of downtown up right now, and those who participated were all smiles during the unveiling!


4. @ethanduffie

We’ll stop including photos of food on this list the day that food in Tupelo stops being amazing. (We’ll never stop.) You can experience some of the above deliciousness for yourself at one of Tupelo’s newest coffee & breakfast spots, Butterbean.


5. @roger.music

At first glance, this is one more happy photo at the Elvis Presley Birthplace, but after we ran the caption through Google translate, the smiles meant much more.

The caption reads (loosely, we know Google Translate isn’t always totally accurate):

“Not everything can be so bad … God always takes care of all the yearnings of my heart. From the age of 7 I have been an admirer of Elvis Presley and today my two year old son Liam loves his songs, especially Blue Suede Shoes. This situation of the hurricane in Miami brought us to the city of Tupelo in Mississippi, the place where Elvis was born and today we are in the house that gave birth to him. It turned into a beautiful place where his admirers can get an idea of ​​the roots of this great artist. On the other hand I notice that Elvis was very poor but always had in his mind the desire to get ahead and overcome; he was always humble and aware of where he came from .. much to learn !!! Thanks Elvis ..”


6. @mannasmadness

Maybe one day we’ll be able to teach our dogs how to pose this well for pictures (we know we won’t).


7. @jdnetto

This is one more example of an evacuee of the recent hurricanes finding some comfort in Tupelo at the Elvis Presley Birthplace, which opened its doors for free to anyone who was evacuating. We’re so glad that Tupelo was able to be a safe place for some of those displaced by the hurricanes.


8. @blakemccollum

You might know that the Neon Pig’s Smash Burger was voted the best burger in America, but did you know they’re a high quality butcher shop as well? You can buy some of their prime, fresh cuts daily to cook at home!


9. @thenatcheztrace

Now that fall has officially started, the weather is perfect to do some scenic trail running on the Blackland Prairie Trail!


10. @juicyjazzzzzz

The Tupelo Buffalo Park & Zoo just might be your next hot date spot, these two sure make it look good!