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Tours leave from Lee County Courthouse at 200 West Jefferson
Tupelo, MS
Phone: 662-871-1348
Fax: 1-888-844-8090

Tupelo Historic Tours

Tupelo Historic Tours offers guided walking tours that promise our guests an educational and recreational experience!  Walk a mile in Elvis’s shoes as we explore

Lee County Courthouse his boyhood days and the lessons that shaped the man.  Here  was the foundation that built a legend.  Listen as your tour guide re-creates Elvis’s early years.  Experience the world as only he knew it and see Tupelo through his eyes. 

Travel back in time with us to the 19th century!  Explore the city’s hidden past and unlock the mysteries behind its name.  Discover the birth of a city.  Who were the people of Harrisburg?  Why did they move east to form Tupelo?  Who was the notorious bank robber who robbed his last bank here before being caught?  What natural disaster is recorded as the 4th deadliest storm in United States history?  Where was the Prisoner of War camp in the Battle of Tupelo located?  How did a Union prisoner of war describe the conditions in Tupelo during the battle?

Is Tupelo HAUNTED?  Explore Tupelo’s haunted past on The Ghosts of Tupelo’s Past tour.

All guides are dressed in period costumes relative to the tours they are presenting.  Your guide may be dressed in 1950’s attire, a Civil War Confederate uniform, or in the splendor of a true Southern Belle!

All tours last approximately 1 to 1 ½ hours and cover approximately one mile.  Tours meet in downtown Tupelo at the old Lee County Courthouse unless otherwise noted on the website.  Rates are $20.00 per adult.  To book a tour, please contact us on the web.