Carley Johnston

Carley's Favorite Things to Do in Tupelo

What is your favorite thing to do in Tupelo?

Where is your favorite place to experience Tupelo’s local flavor?

What’s your favorite Elvis song and why?

We were in Tupelo some 20 years ago, I have the opportunity to visit again, coming up soon, I am most interested in stuff pertaining to Elvis..What is this Elvis Presley Driving trail. Any info will be appreciated.Thanks,Alberta

What is the best hotel to stay in near the North Mississippi Medical Center?

Hi Carley, my sister and I are visiting Memphis on 30/5/15 we intend to visit tupelo , we are staying at the Heartbreak hotel . can you please advise on what transport to take from our hotel and what we would find interesting as we don't want to miss anything thankyou ,

Hello Carley, I work for Parks & Recreation in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. We are the largest Elvis Festival worldwide. We would like to have an exhibit of Elvis for our 2015 festival, the problem is .. I cannot local anyone to see if we could rent a Elvis exhibit from July 23-26th, 2015 inclusive. Could you possibily have any leads for which I could follow up on. I am specifically looking for images of Elvis from childhood onward, images of Elvis with movie stars, his life career and how others have been influenced by Elvis such as musicians, actors and the general puplic.Looking forward to reading from you.Emmy JohnsonParks & RecreationCollingwood, Ontario1-705-444-2500 ext. 3279

My girlfriend and i will be travelling from New Orleans the end of Sept. heading along SR 61 to sight see. We love B AND B's (good priced ones with history) and just want to see as much of the area as we can in a few days. Any suggestions? We will also be going to Graceland later. She has never been there and it has been many years since I've visited that beautiful place.Any info you can send me would be very much appreciated.Looks like you are a Christian so I am glad I chose your beautiful pix.Thank you.

Is Noleput pet friendly?

Hi, I am doing a report on Elvis Presley Birth Home. Could you give me some information on it. Everything that I have looked up goes right to Elvis Presley songs. Thank you. -Mallory

Hi, I was wonder how Elvis Presley's birth home got the 15 acres of land.

Driving through today . Where should we have dinner !? Not expensive / but good & popular We may have 3-4 hours tomorrow morning to do one sight seeing Thing. What do you suggest ?

Where is there, that me and some folks here working from our of town, could go and do some karaoke tonight (friday) and possibly tomorrow night?

Hi Carley, I work for the post office and I noticed that they have an opening there I'm right now living in Florida most of my life and I would like to retire further north somewhere and I've been searching on the web about your town and I was just wondering how safe is your town I am a single person traveling by myself . Where is the post office located,in a safe neighborhood, or safe area, and are there any rentals to rent. thank you for any feedback that you can give me Vickie

We are spending the night in your city, at the First Baptist Church, during our Youth Mission trip this July. I would love to know what we might could do/see that is either free or budget friendly while there.

My daughter will be going to the father daughter Gumtree ball this year and this is her first year to attend my question is how dressed up will she need to be?

What are the hours of operation for the Tupelo Veterans Museum?

Suggestions for those who have never been to your city who are Elvis fans. Seems I remember hearing something about a diner we should check out. We'll be in Memphis thru Sunday August 16th but planned to make a day trip to Tupelo. We have an early morning flight Tuesday - my friend back to San Diego and me to Ohio. Appreciate you're help on things to see and places to eat on a Monday.

where some the best place in tupelo, ms to hold a family reuion

Is there a car show in tupelo Ms. today

I need financial assistance for three (3) nights in a hotel room. I live in Fulton, MS and I am totally disable and on a fixed income. I need this help due to a serious matter concerning my apartment. It has got to be fogged and my doctor wants me to stay out for at least 72 hrs after the exterminating has been done. I would like to stay here in Fulton the three (3) nights and I have called every non profit organization and they can't help me. This is a serious health matter! Please advise me if you can help me, I have got to get this apt fogged ASAP!Thank you,Judy PittsHave A Blessed Day!!!In God We Trust..Keep the Faith!!!!!

Hi Carly, I'm a pescatarian looking for a place to dine with a colleague whom I will be meeting in person for the first time--Tupelo is more or less half way for each of us and she's interviewing me for a job. She says she loves grits and greens, as do I, but hold the bacon!We'll be there on a Sunday afternoon, around 3:30. Thanksm

Hi. We are looking for a "home way from home" in Tupelo. We are wondering where to look for vacation rental homes for 4-5 nights in November.

Hi Carley,I am the Lower School Music Teacher at St. Andrew's Episcopal School, Jackson, MS. Shortly after moving to MS from Texas last summer, I noticed my new MS license plate said "Birthplace of American Music." I am writing a unit of music instruction for my 4th grade students, and since you have lived in MS for a long time, I would love to share with my class your favorite MS musicians. If you have a moment to email, I would greatly appreciate your input. I wish you and your family a wonderful school year!Singingly,Judy SmithLower School MusicSt. Andrew's Episcopal SchoolJackson, MS

My son is getting married in New Albany next June. We are looking at venues for Rehearsal Dinner. We would like something towards the casual side not a country club setting. Do you have any suggestions of restaurants that have a room that could be sectioned off for approximately 45 people? Thanks so much. Frances Judkins

We are planning a trip on the Natchez Trace in the third or fourth week in October, staying overnight in Tupelo. Will the leaves be turning then? I know we've had some (a lot) of hot, dry weather here in Louisiana, so I was wondering if the leaves will be showing their autumn colors by late October.Thanks.

Do you know of any Healthcare job fairs?

I have seen on the Internet that you have a Haunted Hill and Devils Towers that is open this month. Is that true and can I get a contact # because the site I was on gave me a TN # that will not return my call. I have (15) 12 year olds wanting to come tomorrow night but I didn't want to make the trip if it didn't exist. Can you PLEASE confirm this?


Hi Carley, I'm way over here in Georgia, but a part of my heart is there in Fulton, where I was born.I heard about that live theater hilarity that was called A Blast From the Past, down south (?)of Tupelo (west of Aberdeen), but ended some time back. Now I hear that it, or another show, has opened. Can you provide me any information?My failing memory thinks that a Mr. David Wall was connected with that. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.Best regards,Glen AllenPeachtree City, GA

Hi Carley, I'm way over here in Georgia, but a part of my heart is there in Fulton, where I was born.I heard about that live theater hilarity that was called A Blast From the Past, down south (?)of Tupelo (west of Aberdeen), but ended some time back. Now I hear that it, or another show, has opened. Can you provide me any information?My failing memory thinks that a Mr. David Wall was connected with that. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.Best regards,Glen AllenPeachtree City, GA

Hi, Carley. We're formulating a "Re-Retirement" Plan. We relocated to Clinton, Mississippi a couple of years ago from Florida but would like to know about North Mississippi. We'd be interested in health care, renting, security and activities for retirees. Thanks in advance for your kind consideration. Regards, John & Phyllis Boyte

My wife & I would like to visit Tupelo for 2 nights in early January. It's her birthday, & we'd like to know if there are B & B's in or around Tupelo (Jan. 5 - 7). Also, what would you suggest we should be seeing in or around Tupelo. Thanks!

My family and I will be stopping overnight in Tupelo on Christmas. I was wondering if you know of any restaurants that will be open in the evening on Christmas Day? Thanks.

What is the average per mile taxi fare and how many taxi companies does Tupelo have?

When a person writes to you ,how do you respond .I wrote but no answer,maybe I wrote too much .I am 66 and just wanted to speak to someone that was close to Elvis as my kin was with his mothers kin in Tupelo.I was born 30 miles from Tupelo ,Columbus ,Missip is where I was born in the Columbus hospital.Elvis was delivered by a midwife .I don't know her name but that's a good question especially since she had to deliver two .What a sad day then .I still miss Elvis he was like all of our kin cause we lived near him and my daddy repaired the sewing machine by coming to their home so he must have met Elvis;s mother and daddy .I know he met and knew Elvis;s aunt.Pretty good looking people were born in Missip-alot of stars came out of that state so they are smart too ! You and family are the good loers family plus intelligent to boot and whats awesome is people are real not fake born from Missip ,they are taught good unquie ways some other states need ,a lot of Christians to so a lot of people from Ms going to get to heaven where Elvis is or will be ,his soul is with God !We all love him still<3 Thank you Carley for the page you have ,what a friend !

Hi Carley, I plan on arriving in Tupelo on Sunday for two days. I'm traveling alone and wanted to know some great, safe and budget friendly places to stay. I'm a huge Elvis fan and wanted to know all the locations to visit. Also, some great places to eat. Thank you for your kindness!Jennifer Arnder

I will be traveling to Tupelo every other week this summer. I am looking for a cool place to walk indoors. Is there anyplace that is available for visitors to walk?Thank you

Visiting Tupelo for today. Two granddaughters 7 and 9. What's fun for them?Thanks

I have a church group of 20 -25 of active, middle-aged people visiting Tupelo Friday, September 23 - Sunday morning, September 25, 2016. I need restaurant ideas for groups this size. My preference is for local fare with preferably no bars or really loud music. Any suggestions?Thanks,Charlotte Taylor

Hello!My name is Audrey and I am working with the hit Lifetime television show, Bring It! We are searching for event spaces in the Tupelo area in which to hold our end of season, large dance competition, Summer Slam, and I was wondering if you might have any recommendations. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time!

Best places downtown that are open on weekdays for lunch. Am coming to town with a tour group and they do a scatter lunch...each paying on their own and finding their own way. Dropping around the corner from the Hardware store.What is open in mid-June? 39 people...cannot all go to the same spot. we have one hour. Please advise.

We are driving though Tupelo on our way back to Atlanta. My sister enjoys ghost tours and traditional Souhern cooking? Any ideas?

We are coming to Tupelo for a ball tournament this Saturday and Sunday. We will have some downtime. We have four children and we're looking for something that might entertain them and maybe a good place to eat or two. Thanks in advance.

How do I get information on the Elvis Presley Driving Trail? I know there are 12 stops. Is there a map?Thanks so much.

Hey Carley! My husband just accepted a promotion offer within his company and is taking a store in Tupelo and we have decided to make Lee County our home. We are moving from Oxford. I have heard mixed reviews about the Tupelo public school system. I would love some insight on what your perception of the public school system is as well as some neighborhoods to look into for houses (or avoid), a church recommendation, any recommendations for employment (me). We have 2 young boys (so if you also have a daycare suggestion) Jace who will be 3 next month and Ridge who is 7 months. I think this is the coolest thing being able to ask a local something! Looking forward to hearing from you! Best,Kaitlin Wilkinson

Carley, I'm interested in visiting antique or secondhand shops.

Where in Tupelo can we find the older original homes?

Could you possibly suggest a place to stay not to far off hwy 22. We will be heading to Destin & plan on stopping in Tupelo for the night. We will not be arriving until late. We will be leaving early the next morning after breakfast. A diner close by the hotel would be perfect. Especially if its great.Thanks & Happy New Year!

Will They Celebrate Elvis Presley's Birthday This Year At The Birthplace.

Taxi service:Could you kindly provide me the name of a reliable taxi driver or service? I have older parents who cannot drive and wanted to see if you knew of a reliable taxi driver here locally in Tupelo.Thank you for your help!

What is the shop in same building with Sweet Tea and Biscuits?

Is there a list of churches in the city?

Is there a list of churches in the city?

I am trying to plan a fun, unique birthday party for my soon to be nine year-old daughter. She would really love to host a cupcake wars type of party, but I'm not sure of any place that would have the space for that. I am completely open to other funs ideas as well. Her birthday is late March.

Hi there! Looking for a fun place to take our 9 year old daughters as we celebrate their birthdays in Tupelo! Can you make some fun recommendations for next week (Wed and Thur). Restaurants (fun for kids, maybe with good dessert) or other event ideas would be most appreciated!

Is there an evént that I'm sure is called the Renaissance. 2 weeks every one stays at a campsite they wear costumes, fight when on horse. It is in March and I think has endéd already it is near pópular

Hi Carley,I am trying to find more information on when will the Easter egg hunt will be held at Veterans Park this month and the time?Thank you!

Hi Carley, my husband and I are meeting my Son and his family in Tupelo May 13th just for one night to pick up our 2 Granddaughters to come stay with us in Georgia for a couple of weeks. We are looking for something to do with a 1 year old, 5 year old and 11 year old. Any suggestions for kid friendly things to do on that Saturday and Sunday??

uld yoHi Carley, What a great program! This really caught my attention.What wou recommend in terms of activities for a family with 2 small kids -- 4 year old boy, 1 year old girl? We would be coming for the day after a literary weekend in Oxford.We love parks and public spaces as well as casual dining. Thank you!Ktimene

Are there any good flea markets in tupelo? If so what is the location?

Hello, Carley. Who is the best caterer in Tupelo for a group of 30-40?Thanks. Hope you are well :)Dane

What type of dog parks do you have in tupelo ?

Hello I am Kimberly. I own a cleaning services business in the Tupelo, Ms. area. I was wondering if you ever have a need for cleaning services and how I might get the word out for my business? I produce all my cleaning products myself. This allows me to assure my customers that the products are safe and free of harsh, harmful chemicals. Please give me a call at 662-821-6666 if or someone you know has a need for my services. Thanks!!

Hi,I'm plan trips for senior adults that support Meridian Community College. We are interested in bringing a group to the Elvis Festival.What activities take place during the day? Would this be a good event for those age 60 up?We would be interested in making this a day trip on Thursday or Friday.Thank you!

What restaurant do you think a New York food lover would enjoy the most? Who are the coolest chefs / restaurant owners in town? Thanks!

Hello Carley, Does Tupelo have a performing arts center like Nashville, TN Tennessee performing arts center? My wife and I are looking to have a weekend getaway and age mention she would like to visit Tupelo. She was there for a conference and really enjoyed the town.

Where can I get this best dang cheeseburger in town?

Hi Carley! I am looking for a community center or small theater that seats up to 200 to hold a pageant for infants to 24 year olds. We would need the space for 1 day. This pageant would also benefit Victoria's Voice (fighting opioid addiction). I don't mind if it is a community center with folding chairs and if we will need to bring in staging. I need it to be reasonably inexpensive.Any suggestions or ideas are appreciated. I am hoping for a June or July Saturday! Thank you.

We are for sat. night only. Looking for music or shows. Please suggest!

Do you know anywhere that host tea parties for little girl's birthdays?

Hi. I would love to get out and explore Tupelo. I have been waiting for Tupelo to get Transit. But I'm sadly disappointed that the bus does not go to Ballard Park. I wish there was more access to leisurely activities for poor and disabled.