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George's Favorite Things to Do in Tupelo

What is your favorite thing to do in Tupelo?

Where is your favorite place to experience Tupelo’s local flavor?

What’s your favorite Elvis song and why?

Hey George, I grew up in Tupelo (THS Class of '77), but have lived in Austin Texas almost since graduating from Ols Miss. My parents are Joyce and Charles Johnston. I just found this website, and something piqued my interest. I've always wanted to know what was on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Tupelo Hardware building??? There must be some interesting and historic good things lurking around up there! Can you help me out?Best Always,Greg Johnston(George, call me if you're ever headed to Austin. ok? 512-576-2417)

Hi George,We are driving down to Gulf Shores, AL and will be stopping for the night in Tupelo. It will be on a Sunday night. I'm finding that many of your local restaurants are closed on Sunday's. We are staying at the Best Western on N Gloster. We prefer a local place, not a chain like Chili's or Olive Garden. We would like a full bar, as well as local fair. I see Harvey's on S Gloster is open. Do you recommend that place or can you suggest somewhere else?Thank you,Jo

Hello George. My husband, my mother and I live in Australia and we plan to visit Memphis in July 2015. We are booked to stay in Memphis but want to spend a day in Tupelo. Should we book a day tour through a company based in Memphis or would we be able to visit all the popular "Elvis" sites on our own? What would you recommend? Kind regards, Deidre

Hello, I live in California and have family in Jackson. I am doing a report on the Elvis Presley Birth home. I was wondering if you have any information on it. Thank you.-Mallory

HelloIn August my daughter and I would like to visit the house that Elvis was born. I plan to stay 02/08 to 4/08's possilvel visit the house that Elvis was born on this date ?Tks

My husband and I are going to be passing through Tupelo and are looking for a place for lunch. We like down home Southern food and do not like chain restaurants.

I am thinking of a trip to you city. I am looking for a place to stay . Any suggestions? i need an economy hotel because we are senior citizens and need the best price possible. thank you and have a blessed day,

I need a restaurant that can accommodate 54 people sitting 8 at each table with a roadhouse type varied menu.

We have visited the hardware store in Tupelo many times & have met Howard who Greeted the Elvis fans but we heard he has retired so we wondered who greets the fans now.We will be visiting again on September 14 so w e may see toy then.Best regards

1. We will be visiting the area soon and are wondering if the restaurants serve alcohol (or is this part of the country dry)?2. Also, we don't have a lot of time so would like you to recommend something that is a 'must see' and the name a few good restaurants,

Hi George, I'm writing from Melbourne Australia. I'm planning my 2nd trip to MS in March this year. I have friends in Oxford and Clarksdale, that I will be visiting. I am also studying to be a barber and have noticed Tupelo has so many barber shops!Can you recommend any who you think would be happy to take me on for a few days work experience? I would like an old school barbershop.Is Tupelo far from Oxford. It doesn't look it on the map. Would there be a bus or public transport between the two if I was staying in Oxford.Kind Regards Sue

Hello,we are in holidays at memphis for 3 days and we want to go to tupelo (elvis birthplace, tupelo hardware...). Do you know if there is a shuttle or what is the best choice to go to tupelo ?ThanksKevin

Is it possible the get a printed copy of the Elvis Presley Driving Trail?We will be a the birthplace gift shop and the statues etc. Also Johnnie's Drive-In.Thank you.Margaret

Hi. We are in town for the night tonight. Could you suggest a place to listen to some good live music and a good local place to eat. Not necessary together. Would love some help. Thx

Hello George,My husband and I will be in your town in a couple weeks. We seen there is going to be an Elvis festival while we are there. Do you know if tickets are needed beforehand or can you purchase them the day you get there? And is the festival a big event with craft stands, & food vendors? Any info about this event would be much appreciated. We are anxious to visit Tupelo and then on to Graceland. Never been there! Thank you. Deborah

I am with the Slidell Antique Car Club of Slidell LA Beginning the planning of the weekend stay, I need held in finding any restaurant thatwould take a group of 40 on a Friday and Saturday for dinner, and one that will accept a groupof 40 for lunch. Can you make any suggestions of restaurants that I could call?The hotels are plentiful with good rates, and don't seem to be a problem.Charles Mahercharlesmaher@bellsouth.netCell 505-460-5151

Hi, George!I will be passing through Monday. I am making stops at the battlefield and crossroads monument.What else MUST I see on my short trip? Will you be working? I will stop in the hardware store? Cool site!Deb Hughes

When is the Tupelo aquatic center open to the public ( days and hours )?

Hello,Is doing the Elvis tour in Tupelo walkable? Or, only by drive. Are there tour operators in Tupelo which I can join? I am traveling alone.Thank you.

I have been through Tupelo but have never visited here, my question is, Does Tupelo have a geneology group that could tell me about cemeteries in the area and or a good geneology library? I think I have relatives buried there.

Hi George,I wanted to know if there was a good bar spot in Tupelo. I am 31 and looking to meet people.Thanks,John Verner

Hi George,We are 3 Australian Seniors who are hoping to include Tupelo on our road tour around the States. We hope to be in Tupelo on Tuesday 30th May 2017. Unfortunately we are on limited time so would like some suggestions from a local. We will be driving down from Nashville en route to Birmingham. We can be in Tupelo by 9am. Would the Convention & Visitors Centre be able to post their information booklet to me as I find it's better to have the information in hard copy.My address: Narelle Turnbull 10 Guinea Court TAMAREE Qld 4570 AUSTRALIAWe would also like to drop in to say g'day to you as well. Many thanks,Narelle, Dawn and Mal

I am coming to Tupelo from Memphis on 8/16/17. We have been to memois several times, but never Tupelo. There are 5 of us. We will drive there and back the same day, so we have only a few hours to spend. Of course, we are coming to see all things ELVIS!I was wondering if there is some sort of tour that would show us what we need to see or if we just have to go place to place by ourselves. What do you suggest? Thanks, Jim

Taxi service:Could you kindly provide me the name of a reliable taxi driver or service? I have older parents who cannot drive and wanted to see if you knew of a reliable taxi driver here locally in Tupelo.Thank you for your help!

Hi, nice to talk to you. My wife and I are visiting the U.S.A. in April May time, and will be in Tupelo whilst exploring the natchez trace. We are coming to the states primarily for the music, I'm Jazz my wife is Country. could you please recommend a good music and food venue. We will be there on May 4th. I thank you for your advice. Kitt.

Is there a Home and Garden show any time in the next four weeks? If so, specifically when and where?

Good Morning,We are coming to Tupelo to bike the Natchez Trace in early April.We are looking for a Bed and Breakfast, motel, hotel where we can stay a night then leave our truck there while we bike.Need a secure safe place.If this is not possible, is there any other safe parking locations?Thanks

Hello, me again. Can you tell me how long the Elvis walking tour would take, allowing for stops to look at the places? We are in our late sixties, but in reasonable health.

Hey George. When is the car show in Tupelo? I have been a couple of times, but forgot the date. I thought it was coming up soon Thanks for your help.

Where is Heritage Baptist Church


Hey George: We are coming to Tupelo At the end of the month.We are always looking for local places to eat at . Maybe bbq or maybe just the local favor.Thanks For your time.Dave

Hi GeorgeI'm Renate , a big ELVIS fan from Brazil and in next August, me and more 20 fans went to Memphis and Tupelo. We visit the Tupelo Hardware , but we loved known other places where ELVIS stayed, like MAYHORN GROCERY, LAWHORN ELEMNATRY SCHOOL, MAC DONALD with ELVIS pics and so on. Could you please give me the addresses , because we will only make pictures in fron of this places. PLEASEEEEE!Thank you so muchHugs from BrazilRenate

A few months ago we met a couple in Branson from Tupelo. He signs with a group called the Heritage Singers and they sing at different nursing homes. We were in Tupelo last month and was trying to see if we could find them. I thought maybe there was a Heritage Baptist Church that I could contact but never found it online. We just thought it would be good to have a breakfast or lunch with them. As you can tell, we don't remember their name so we were shooting in the dark to try to find them. Probably should have contacted a nursing home and they may have been able to help us locate them.Thanks for responding.

I believe there was a new attraction opening in Tupelo or is going to be.It was behind IHOPCan you tell me more about this.Thank you

Furniture Outlet Shopping in Tupelo? A friend says that she has heard about Gumps Wearhouse and another Furniture Open Box or Outlet store in Tupelo. I did some looking online, but could really figure out what is there. We live in Huntsville and are thinking about visiting over Labor Day weekend. What other activities would you recommend for a daytrip to Tupelo? (We'd like to rent a one-way U-Hual to bring home a couple of new pieces of furniture!)ThanksShawn McEniryHuntsville, AL

Hello I am Kimberly. I own a cleaning services business in the Tupelo, Ms. area. I was wondering if you ever have a need for cleaning services and how I might get the word out for my business? I produce all my cleaning products myself. This allows me to assure my customers that the products are safe and free of harsh, harmful chemicals. Please give me a call at 662-821-6666 if you or someone you know has a need for my services. Thanks!!

Hello, George! My husband and I are coming up on October 27 for the Jason Aldean concert. What hotel(s) are the most reasonable, clean and closest to the Bancorpsouth Arena?Thanks! Angie

I had read in the paper where Tupelo was getting a Home 2 hotel to replace comfort suites after the tornado. But I can't find it? What are the newest hotels in Tupelo? I am bringing a group next May.Thanks for your time.

Wanting to know if the trees are starting to change colors. Planning a trip and want to miss the timing of the trees changing.

We were in Tupelo on Monday, October 16th to visit Elvis' Birthplace. It was so wonderful to be there!!! Later in the day, we stopped at Johnny's Drive In. We were so enthralled with the pictures we were taking, and having a shake and fries to relax, that we didn't think to get the wording on the plaque in front of Johnny's explaining Elvis' love for this spot. I've tried going online to get what it says and have not been successful. Can you tell me the wording on this plaque or tell me where I can find it online? I sure would appreciate it. I'd like to put that in the album with the thousands of pictures we took while in Tupelo and Memphis!!! I am 72 and have loved Elvis, his talent and personality since I was 11 years old!!! Thank you so much for your help. :)

Hello George, I am a health care provider who is planning to retire in the next 4 years. I am looking to relocate to an area of the country with a lower cost of living, lower taxes and friendly people. I live in Upstate, New York.I am looking for a community that has good resturaunts and some cultural amenities as well.I have a Sister who currently resides on the Gulf Coast in Biloxi an area that I am somewhat familier with. I am not familiar with North, Mississippi. I have been looking at either Oxford or Tupelo as possible places to eventually relocate. Could you respond with your opinion as to why Tupelo would be a good place to settle.

Where can I get this best dang cheeseburger in town?

Hi George,Are there any ice skating rinks there? Bowling alleys?Thanks

Hey there! My husband and I have been talking about relocating to Tupelo and I have some questions! We are from California originally but currently reside in Utah. My goal is to go to nursing school and become a RN. My questions are, compaired to here in Utah, what does the cost of living look like there? Are good Jobs hard to come by? Is there a good place for me to search for rental homes? Also, how are the neighborhoods?

we are riding our tandem bicycle into Tupelo on Sept 13. we would like to stay a couple days and possibly see Memphis if there is a tour that would take us there. do you know of any?thank you!

Is the statue of Elvis holding up his arms behind himself as a young boy, available to be seen even when the birthplace is closed?

Greetings from England.We are staying one night in Tupelo (Friday October 19) at the Best Western as part of a road trip across three states starting in Nashville on the 16th.We will be coming down the Natchez Trace and heading off to Chatanooga the following morning so not a lot of time to see things sadly.Our question is about food. I see the Blue Canoe is fairly close to the hotel and the food and beer menu both look inviting however being a Friday night I wondered if it might get too loud and crowded? Would probably look to eat earlier rather than later. According to Google maps it's an 18 minute walk - is that accurate and is it safe to make the walk or would we do better to drive or even consider a taxi?Thanks in advance and best wishes,Adam Cummings

George,We are two friends planning to bike 3 days in October 2020 using Tupelo as our base . We plan to ride Tanglefoot one day; drive north one day on Natchez Trace and ride a remote section then drive south the next day and right a remote section (trying to stay out of traffic). We will have a car.We are looking for:Any recommendation on historic hotels...looks like all the chain hotels are there but we like a little history and character.Any recommendations on other things to do/see when we are not riding.Best restaurants.Thanks!