Zierra Long

Zierra's Favorite Things to Do in Tupelo

Barnes Crossing Shopping District

A while ago, I had sent a message to you asking about Lawhon and you very kindly answered me saying that as I'll be going alone, could schedule a time to see the inside of Lawhon School. Can you tell me how to do this schedule? I'm going in January.Thanks

I was trying to plan a nice weekend for my girlfriends birthday. Do you have any suggestions? It would be a Friday and Satuday

What is your favorite thing to do in Tupelo?

Where is your favorite place to experience Tupelo's local flavor?

What is your favorite Elvis song and why?

Hi thereI am visiting Tupelo in May 18 with my mother and my daughter from New Zealand.We will be staying in Memphis for 6 nights and would like to stay at least 1 night in Tupelo to visit the Elvis birthplace, garden statue etc. Elvis is the reason for our trip.Can we get a bus from Memphis to Tupelo or would we be better to stick to tourist bus, I would prefer bus as really get to see the country.

What do YOU do to have fun in Tupelo?

I will be spending a weekend a month InTupelo ... I’m looking for local brewery beer, great coffee and breakfast and funky jazz music. Can you make recommendations?Any fun hotel/motels walking distance to food/drinks/music?

Where can I get this best dang cheeseburger in town?

We are coming to tupelo this weekend for a concert at the bancorp arena. I was wondering some good places to eat near there?

Would like copy of Visitors Guide mailed to:723 W 42nd StAnniston, Al, 36206Thanks!

Hi me and some friends are coming to Tupelo for the day. We were thinking of some day drinking, eating, shopping and are there any casinos? Thanks for your help.

Hello Zierra, I will be visiting Tupelo this summer and would like to find some really good local soul food or bar bq. Any ideas?Thanks

Hey there! My husband and I have been talking about relocating to Tupelo and I have some questions! We are from California originally but currently reside in Utah. My goal is to go to nursing school and become a RN. My questions are, compaired to here in Utah, what does the cost of living look like there? Are good Jobs hard to come by? Is there a good place for me to search for rental homes? Also, how are the neighborhoods?

Hi Zierra!My husband and I will be in Tupelo MS visiting from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We will be there the 2nd week of May 2018.We are wanting to find a safe good location to stay for the night in Tupelo...any suggestionsWe want to absorb the full-meal deal of the Elvis experience, as this is what we are heading to Memphis and Tupelo for.We will be celebrating our 6th year wedding anniversay and our birthday for this trip :)Thank you & look forward to talking to you more,Regards,Carrie & Brian

Hi! Where can I find live music on 6/28 & 6/29? We are looking forward to visiting Tupelo!

Hi Sierra,Thanks for taking my email.I am planning a road trip from Nashville through Tupelo and on to Jackson, Natchez, Baton Rouge etc.A lot of my trip takes in the Natchez Trace , which I believe provides natural beauty etc. I am also looking to get a good handle on cultural experiences of the South, both old and new: food, music, history and the way life is today etc etcI find good resources on the internet, but also want to get some feel for the African American perspective, both good and bad: just real. Are there any places, towns, restaurants, historical areas along the route I am taking that you could recommend that will give me a good insight with particular exposure to the African American experience. Hopefully I can meet and talk to people along the way.Please forgive any bias I may show by choosing you to answer this question based on the fact that you seem to be African American from your picture...I mean no harm.Thanks and best regards,Mark

Hi there,My husband and I are planning a weekend trip to Tupelo - where do you recommend staying where we can be in the "heart" of the city, such as nightlife, good restaurants, shopping (boutiques, not chain stores), etc? Any suggestions? We'd prefer to walk around to places, rather than drive. Thank you!

We are a family of 5 and planning to come visit in a couple days. It is so hot, are there any swimming holes or a tubing business in the area?

Where can I get genuine southern fried chicken in Tupelo?

Hi is it very laid back, there

Hi My is Briona and I am visiting Tupelo for a job at one of the local hotels. I am a bit afraid due to the extreme racism that revolves around the Mississippi culture. My question for you is...Is Tupelo a safe environment to hang out during the day and at night for a person of color. Also where are the bars and restaurants that accept people of different ethnic groups?

My boyfriend lives in Florence, AL and is coming to town next weekend for the day, and I'm wanting to give him a fun experience for our first Valentine's Day together (he literally has everything...so that's the main reason I'm going with the experience route vs another gift).I moved to Tupelo in August, so I'm still learning what there is to do in the area, and I need suggestions! It will be Saturday, so will need to be something open or available on weekends. Thank you!

Hi Zierra,I am planning a trip to Tupelo this weekend. Are there any must try restaurants? Also, is there anywhere I can go country 2-stepping? Thanks!!